3 Important Tips for Freelance Writers

Freelancing is one of the best ways to make money on the internet. PHP developers, WordPress experts and web designers make thousands of dollars from sites like oDesk and vWorker but for writers things are a bit harder. The competition in this field is so severe that most newcomers get frustrated within a few weeks and stop trying. Fortunately there are several strategies that can help you stay ahead of your competitors and increase your chances of getting hired.

Here are the five most important tips that you need to follow:

Build a persuasive profile

Without a persuasive and professional profile it is almost impossible to money as a freelance writer. Your profile page should enlist all your skills, past work experiences and your personal projects. Also, it should instantly grab the attention of the reader and tell him what makes you different from other bidders.

It is also a good idea to build a blog and publish well-written content on it. It will come in handy when your clients ask for work samples. In addition to that, this exercise will make you adept at using WordPress, which is a very important skill.

Learn new skills

You should keep learning new skills relevant to your field. For instance, a little SEO know-how can work wonders for your career. Internet marketers are always on the lookout for original, optimized content. Similarly you can read a few ebooks on copy writing and diversify your skill set. In most cases copy writers make a lot more money than ordinary writers.

Earn the trust of your clients

Instead of working with a new client every week you should try to build long lasting relationships.

Hopefully these tips will help you become a better freelance writer and reach your financial targets.

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