Top Brand Websites Developed On WordPress

WordPress which was initially developed as a blogging tool has quickly become a well developed content management system (CMS) used by top companies around the globe. Still it is viewed as a tool used by amateurs to develop websites, when the reality is quite on the contrary. Here are a few examples of top brands which  use WordPress to develop their websites.

1. Mercedes Benz

Globally renowned German automobile manufacturer Mercedes Benz runs its official website on WordPress. The intricately and professionally designed website has an attractive and detailed outlook. Mercedes Benz is a largely profitable organization that exports cars to several countries around the globe. Its decision to use WordPress establishes this platform as a serious business solution that can appeal to a wide target market.

2. Microsoft

Among the most profitable tech companies in the globe, Microsoft uses WordPress on some of its websites such as the Microsoft Azure. In fact Microsoft and WordPress have a standing business partnership intended at promoting the open source movement online. As a tech company headed by arguably the most innovative tech billionaire alive, its choice to use WordPress speaks volumes on the reliability of this platform as a way to reach consumer markets online. In fact in late 2014 one of Microsoft’s key websites “ Microsoft News Center’’ re-launched on WordPress. There is currently a windows devices blog powered by WordPress.

3. Coca Cola

Coca cola is arguably the biggest beverage company in the world with consumers all over the globe. It has a wide market in France and its website in France runs on WordPress. This is surprising considering Coca Cola has a big market and a large online presence in France. The design of Coca cola France is impressive and attractive. It is written in fluent French and provides an interactive platform between the company and potential consumers. A large multinational choosing WordPress establishes it as a reliable platform.

SEO Techniques For WordPress

WordPress is one of the best blogging and web development tool available today. Here are a few SEO tricks you can use on WordPress which would help your website be on top in search engine results.

1. Not Installing a Caching Plug-In:

A good number of novice bloggers fail to install a caching plug-in because they are not aware that the speed on one’s website is a big determinant of how a site is ranked in Google. A caching plug-in together with a Content Delivery Network (CDN) are necessary resources that ensure that your site can sustain lots of traffic at one time without crashing. You will lose visitors on your website if it keeps crashing.

2. Using the Default Permalink Structure

The WordPress default permalink structure looks like doesn’t have an unappealing look and is not good for SEO. A blogger who does not change this permalink to make it more search-engine friendly, risk not getting high Google ranking. He also looks unprofessional to readers. After installing your WordPress, do not forget to change this permalink.

3. Poor Internal Linking

The way one page links to another on your website is crucial as it is important for both SEO and also keeps your visitors longer on your page. Inserting related pages can be done manually or automatically using SEO Smart Links Plugins. The SEO Smart Links Plugins will automatically link keywords in posts to other relevant posts, categories and tags.

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Things to Look Out for When Choosing A WordPress Theme

With so many WordPress themes currently in existence (and more being created and added to the pool every single day), it can be incredibly difficult to find the right one for your website and personal needs. However, luckily for you, with the creation of many themes also comes the creation of many reviews and ratings. The almost infinite amount of these helpful little things are sure to help you in a huge way when it comes to setting out on your journey to the perfect website.

Before purchasing any physical product from an online shop, the smartest thing you could ever possibly do is to always read the reviews and check the ratings. The same should also be applied when one is in the market for virtual products such as WordPress themes. There’s a very good chance that hundreds of people saying the same exact thing are going to be correct and steer you in the exact direction you need to be steered in.

However, none of this is to say that the reviews and rating of any product should be the final say in whether or not it’s the product you choose. In the end, it’s you and your guts and needs that have to do the final decision making. There are many fantastic WordPress themes out there without a large amount of ratings and reviews, and this is solely because the majority of people only write reviews and rate a product when they have a problem with it. So, realize that the lack of positive reviews and ratings on the theme you’ve recently found and fallen in love with doesn’t mean that it’s bad. In fact, there’s a very good chance that you’ve just found a winner. Much in the same way that no news is good news, no bad reviews is almost as great as a good review. So, always be sure to check the ratings, but also always stick to your gut.

WordPress Ecommerce Plugins For Enhanced Website Functionality

shopping_trolleyWordPress is considered as the most effective software for building e-commerce websites. It offers all the vital features that are present in dedicated scripts at just a fraction of the price. WordPress’s open architecture has encouraged developers to create a host of plug-ins. Each one of these plugins adds some new features to the already robust WP platform. In most cases these plugins can be downloaded at an extremely low cost or even free.

Since there are more than one WordPress ecommerce plugins that offer the same functions, you will have to choose them wisely by following the tips mentioned below:

The first thing that you need to think about is the design of your website. The plugin you choose should be supported by popular theme development firms like Woo Themes and Theme Forest. Otherwise your website will look unprofessional and you will never be able to earn the profits that you’ve been hoping for. Woo Commerce is the best option in this regard because there are thousands of high-quality wordpress store themes that support it.

The plug-in should be easy to install within WordPress. You must be able to deal with the installation procedure yourself to save further expenses involved with hiring skilled third-parties to do the installation for you. Moreover, some plug-ins conflict with other plugins as well as with WordPress itself. This leads to functionality restriction, downtime and increased costs and frustration. Hence, you must opt for a plug-in with excellent track record and from a source that has a good repute for developing WordPress ecommerce extensions. You should also go for a plug-in that comes with 24/7 support from the company or person who developed it.

Overall, if you follow these three fundamental tips then you will have plug-ins that can effectively enhance your website’s functionality and help you make more sales.

Creating a WordPress-Powered Question and Answer Website

Do you want to create a website similar to Yahoo Answers? If yes, this article will tell you everything you need to know. Although such websites seem very complex, creating one is not difficult at all. You can get started in just a few hours.

Here’s the step by step procedure:

Setup a web hosting account

Buying a web hosting plan is not difficult at all. There are hundreds of companies and most of them are quite affordable. However you need to be very careful while looking for a host for your answers website. Since such sites are more resource intensive than ordinary blogs, it might be a good idea to choose business class hosting or a VPS.

It is also important to keep the requirement of WordPress in mind. This will help you avoid compatibility issues.

Install WordPress

Once your hosting account is operational it is time to install WordPress. There are two ways to do this. First, you can use an installer like cPanel’s Fantastico. Second you can do everything manually. It goes without saying that the latter approach is more time consuming and considerably harder. Unfortunately it is the only option for some people.

Deploy a good Q n A system

There are many plugins that allow you to change your WordPress installation into a powerful question and answer website but you don’t need any of them. All you need is Templatic’s Q n A theme. It comes with some amazing features. For instance you can charge people for posting their questions, integrate your website with Adsense to earn money from several sources and boost your search engine rankings with its neat and well-organized code. Despite of all these amazing capabilities, the theme is quite affordable.

A question and answer website is the ideal collaboration tool for businesses, educational institutes and non-profit organizations. If you follow the step-by-step procedure given above you can setup your own site quickly and effortlessly.