Top Brand Websites Developed On WordPress

WordPress which was initially developed as a blogging tool has quickly become a well developed content management system (CMS) used by top companies around the globe. Still it is viewed as a tool used by amateurs to develop websites, when the reality is quite on the contrary. Here are a few examples of top brands which  use WordPress to develop their websites.

1. Mercedes Benz

Globally renowned German automobile manufacturer Mercedes Benz runs its official website on WordPress. The intricately and professionally designed website has an attractive and detailed outlook. Mercedes Benz is a largely profitable organization that exports cars to several countries around the globe. Its decision to use WordPress establishes this platform as a serious business solution that can appeal to a wide target market.

2. Microsoft

Among the most profitable tech companies in the globe, Microsoft uses WordPress on some of its websites such as the Microsoft Azure. In fact Microsoft and WordPress have a standing business partnership intended at promoting the open source movement online. As a tech company headed by arguably the most innovative tech billionaire alive, its choice to use WordPress speaks volumes on the reliability of this platform as a way to reach consumer markets online. In fact in late 2014 one of Microsoft’s key websites “ Microsoft News Center’’ re-launched on WordPress. There is currently a windows devices blog powered by WordPress.

3. Coca Cola

Coca cola is arguably the biggest beverage company in the world with consumers all over the globe. It has a wide market in France and its website in France runs on WordPress. This is surprising considering Coca Cola has a big market and a large online presence in France. The design of Coca cola France is impressive and attractive. It is written in fluent French and provides an interactive platform between the company and potential consumers. A large multinational choosing WordPress establishes it as a reliable platform.

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